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"I was introduced to the company in early 2018....When others started telling me they wanted what I was taking, I realized that what I had in my hands was more than just a product that actually worked and would change lives, but after looking at how this company paid out commissions to the distributor, I knew I had full circle winner on my hands. ...The plan not only made it possible for the new person to make an income, but also for the seasoned networker to make an income that was in the realm of what most people just dreamed about....Needless to say, my income grew at a fast rate. In fact, in a very short time, I was earning more money here per month than I had earned in 2 months at the company I had been with for the past 3 years. And my income has done nothing but grow since....Now if that was not enough, we have one more thing that makes this whole thing work even better. We are 100% duplicatable for anyone!"

- Randy Steen

"I have been with the company since 2015 have left a couple times because I thought the grass was greener on the other side. Each time I realized that wasn't the case. The products nor commissions were what I thought they were. Since re-launching my business leading with the Original Real Tea I have purchased and sold over 300 packs of tea because I understand that if I have NO INVENTORY that I am "Out Of Business". In making that financial commitment to my business I have been able to generate an extra thousand dollars per month in "Right Now Money" not to mention the other ways that we get paid. We now have one of the fastest growing teams in the company because they too are enjoying the health and wealth building benefits of Living The Lurra Life. I am happy and thankful for this LurraLife Opportunity."

- Andrea Linton-Gaines

Boy am I excited about this LurraLife International business, and have been since the day I joined the company. It feels good to represent affordable natural products that truly get people results. I love the fact that we all get paid EVERY WEEK ON TIME. And having what is the easiest to achieve Car/ Lifestyle bonus in the industry is the cherry on top! This company is going great places and I'm glad I'm going with them!"

- Iyabunmi Moore


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Start small… but at least start. If you want something different then you HAVE to do something different. Nearly everyone starts part-time… squeezing their online business into the nooks and crannies of their daily schedule. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with intentional daily activity, even with limited time.

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